Wolf Pack Car Club



Wolf Pack is a new car club just starting in Denver, CO and surrounding suburbs - and now expanding into New Mexico.  We are looking for anybody with a 1972 or older vehicle.  For an annual fee of $45, members will receive a window decal and WP Car Club shirt.

Wolf Pack is in the process of registering to be a non-profit organization.  All money collected beyond expenses will be donated to a charitable organization, such as Autism Speaks and Susan B Komen Breast Cancer. 

If you are interested in joining Wolf Pack Car Club to show your vehicle and raise money for a good cause - please call Larry Pohl at 303-250-2398.

Watch for scheduled car shows coming up.  Check out the pictures of Larry's restoration project - 1951 GMC pickup.


Come back to watch the website grow!  If you would like pictures of your vehicle to be on our website, just e-mail them to:  wolfpack_cc@yahoo.com